Friday, January 31, 2014

Careful Mr. Kerry; This Tomato Might Explode but NOT Turn into Heinz Ketchup....

Today, I am sending you this note from the capital of Jordan, Amman.

I keep hearing about the importance of the latest round of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. Mr. Kerry thinks he can solve an age old problem and I generally applaud his efforts. However, I have been to this movie before so let me tell you how it ends (sorry for being a spoiler).

The process that is currently being executed is not really a negotiation; its John Kerry and the Obama administration imposing the solution they think will work in their minds on both sides. There is some merit to this type of process when you know there is much difference between the split parties but it also shows a deep misunderstanding of the nature of the problems in the conflict. The main problem is that Israelis want PEACE and SECURITY and the Palestinians want the Israeli's DEAD and OUT of "their" county. This brings to surface a big undertone of mistrust between the sides which in my opinion cannot be bridged. Think I am inaccurate? Just look at the texts books that children are being given in class in the Palestinian territories describing Jews and Christians as monkeys and pigs and the complete hatred that is being entrenched into their young minds about Israel. In Israel, children are being thought about Peace and Hope.

So, indeed this is an important time that we are facing in the conflict in the Middle East. However, its again a strategic mistake by people that do not understand the issues at hand.

There is only ONE way to try and solve this problem and that is for the two sides to sit down and talk and have two real LEADERS that will take hard decisions and reach an agreement on their own, not through America or the EU imposing any terms.

What we do need to expect now is another huge conflict. In my opinion, an agreement will be agreed too reluctantly by the two sides BUT.. the fringes of the political sides of the two parties will create major problems including a big increase in the terrorist attacks on Israelis from both the Iranian controlled Gaza South and from the West Bank. These will derail the actual process and here we are, back to square one.

I hope I am wrong but as I said, I have been in this movie before and it does not end happily.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A busy week for the Mossad

During the last few weeks there have been a flurry of events in the clandestine world that have been very interesting to observe. This is only my assumptions and I might be wrong but there seems to be a connection between these activities and the macro geopolitical aspirations of the Israeli Intelligence agencies.

Geopolitical aspiration #1 - Control the outcomes of the civil war in Syria

Israel has to walk a very thin line in regards to the civil war in Syria. On one hand, if the Assad regime wins this war, its somewhat good for Israel but will also help the Iranian aspirations and strength in the area. If Hezbollah wins, the longer term threats to Israel remain high, if they lose, it will be beneficial to Israel but might leave a large void for Al Qaeda elements to fill in the gap and that would be very dangerous for Israel's northern border. Keeping the war alive with no clear winner seems to be the best strategy for Israel. To achieve that, it seems that the Israeli intelligence agencies are supporting a small group of insurgents that are creating havoc in the back yard of Hezbollah in Beirut. This is evident in three large explosions that assassinated the head of the Hezbollah technical arm, another explosion that killed the head of the Iranian liaison team to Hezbollah in Beirut as well as a bombing today that killed 5 and happened right next to the headquarters of the political arm of Hezbollah. The organization is feeling the pressure right in its stronghold and has lost hundreds of fighters in the civil war already. Making the Lebanese people understand that the Hezbollah has lost all credibility in terms of its motto; to protect the Lebanese lands from an Israeli attack, has not been that difficult.  At the same time Israel has fortified its northern borders, their intelligence agencies are pushing hard to infiltrate the Al Qaeda elements in Syria and to keep a close eye on their movements inside Syria and especially on the Israeli border.

Geopolitical aspiration #2 - Control the outcome of the Palestinian negotiations for Peace

Given the unprecedented pressure from the self absorbed Secretary of State Kerry to resolve the 50 year conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli's, the government of Israel has been asked to make amazing concessions just to provide good faith in the negotiations although these concessions have been returned by a high uptick in Israeli civilian murders by Palestinians in the West Bank as well as attacks from the Hamas-tan government in Gaza. The goal here is to control the extreme elements of the Palestinians while not overreacting to enrage the frustrated people of these territories. To that end, yesterday a mysterious explosion happened when the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic opened his safe that he has been using for months now and killed him on the spot. I suspect this is not an accident and that he was involved in the attempt to transfer balance eroding weapons to the Palestinians authority or to Gaza. The Czech Republic is centered around a large weapons trafficking vain that comes from Albania to the Middle East.

So, as you can see, the other world we live in, the clandestine world, has been busier than ever. When you sit at home comfortably, people of the clandestine world are hard at work and are risking their lives for in the pursuit of the victory of good over evil

Think about it...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deal with it!

Trying to look at the shifting winds in the US foreign policy strategy, my fellow supporters of Israel are very worried about the recent overtures by John Kerry towards the arch enemies of the country.

The Kerry negotiations are based on the premise of pressuring Israel into more agreements that supposedly do not risk its future but at least come to an agreement with the extreme regimes of the region.

In many cases, one can argue the Mr. Kerry is driven by  his own hubris to make sure he is put down in the history books as the secretary of state that got things done and moved forwards agreements that no one else before him has manged to do with the exception of Jimmy Carter.

The big question is at what cost? Most if not all of the past concessions made by Israel have never been mutually beneficial to both parties. Israel left the Gaza Strip unilaterally in 2005 and was repaid by a barrage of daily missiles. As a return for recently releasing 200 Palestinian prisoners, 2 Israeli citizens were murdered just a few days after the release by Palestinian terrorists.

There are three lessons learned:

1. No concessions are needed unless the return on them is measurable and reversible. Reciprocation has to be a first step rather than Israel talking steps for concessions.

2. Trust no one to negotiate on your behalf. Sorry Mr. Kerry but we especially don't trust you and this administration

3. Remove any leverage your allies think they have over you so you can negotiate with absolute believe that you are achieving the best results for your fellow countrymen

So, given we are close to the end of the year, we need to plan for 2014 and the years beyond. How does Israel deal with the changing winds?

1. Add new allies - Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf States are the best allies Israel could have now and in the future. Yes, from a rhetoric perspective, one cannot look like they "sold out" to the Israeli enemy but behind the scene, they are the best partners. Other overtures towards Russia and China should be made clear.  Politics makes strange bedfellows but it seems that the US Empire is close to its last days unless the US population changes the political course going forwards.

Israel needs to plan for a nuclear Iran! Its inevitable. Israel need to prepare for that eventuality by weakening or replacing the Iranian regime, by aligning it self with Iran's enemies and by providing a good reason for other regional superpowers to support it rather than Iran. The Israeli borders are at great risk going forwards with a nuclear Iran and they need to be tightened even further expecting elements of the Iranian regime to keep on testing the vulnerabilities of the border.

Finally, if you want to ask yourself why its a mistake to talk to these kind of people just click the link below and see who you are dealing with:

Not only its a brutal an barbaric execution of war prisoners but the whole village; children, women and men are all cheering, filming and participating in this barbaric behavior. How can one apply western beliefs or logic to these kind of people? How can you negotiate with good faith with any of these people?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revenge is best served on a cold plate

July 18th, 2012 was just another beautiful day in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas, Bulgaria. However, this pastoral afternoon was shattered by a huge explosion of a bus standing in the parking lot of the town's airport. A sinister character wearing black and carrying a big backpack, dropped the backpack in the luggage compartment of the bus as the Israeli tourists which just landed from Tel Aviv were boarding the bus. The caous that ensued was terrifying both in sight and in sound. A long joint investigation into who was responsible for this terror attack reached a conclusion that identified two foreign passport carrying Hezbollah operatives were part of the executing arm of this attack but that the funding of the attack came from the usual suspect, Iran. 

The Israeli Mossad was not able to track these individuals as they went back into hiding in Iran. However, the institution did not forget or give up. Not that there is a direct connection but the following events happend yesterday:

A small bomb strapped to a suicide bomber exploded in the entrance to the Iranian embassy in a southern neighborhood of Beirut in Lebanon. 
Right after the suicide bomber detonates his bomb, a second bomber in a much larger car bomb, drives through the Iranian embassy gates and detonates the car next to the building, killing 23 people. Among the dead, most notably is sheik Ibrahim El Ansar. The latter is the Iranian "culture" embassador to Lebanon and suspected to be the liason that funded the attack in Burgas.

It seems that the Iranians got a little bit of taste of their own medicine...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Osmosis Stupid...

Osmosis for those of you that don't remember their biology classes is the natural movement of liquid through a cell wall. I guess that the Obama administration forgot about this process when it comes to its policy in the Middle East. The natural void that is created by the lack of US involvement in the region is creating a natural process of Osmosis by other more hostile countries such as Russia, Iran and China. 

The latest example of this process is evident in Egypt. Today, the head of the Russian intelligence services landed in Cairo. The military regime is seeking help, it's seeking a life line in the fight against Islamic extremists but there is no life line coming from the US. These strategic mistakes have come to haunt us all in the past and it seems they will haunt our future as well.

Just this week Israel has attacked another missile depot near the Northern town of Latakia in Syria. This reminds us that we cannot just count on the US to protect the needy in Syria or the moderates in Egypt or Israel from Iran. 

Osmosis is caused by differences in pressure between cells, voids create these differences and voids always get filled, the question is with what? 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 40 Year Old Lesson

Recently, I have been mostly traveling around Europe and listening to some of my ex service colleagues. What most of them want to hear when they meet me is questions around the way that the American administration is acting towards its foreign policy. I answer, what US Foreign Policy?

Over the past few months, you have not heard anything about what the US is actually doing, you have only heard about small reactionary steps to the Syrian "problem" or the overtures towards the Iranian regimes.

Given that this week marks the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur, we should all learn from our past mistakes!!! It is dangerous to appease and succumb to the Iranian games. The Iranians know that Obama is weak an therefore they will not bend or succumb to any demand that is meaningful to world peace or that takes away any substantial achievement from the effort to become a nuclear power. Another situation which its evident is that the administration is making a grave mistake is the reduction of support for the Egyptian Military. It's foolish of the administration to take this position which strengthens the Muslim Brotherhood and would lead to the reduction of any influence the US had so far in the region. The Egyptian Military leadership will just turn towards Russia or China for their funding, diminishing any US influence on any future outcome for this country. This is the opposite of what the US administration needs to do, even if it disagrees with the military leadership. Keeping chips in the poker game at least lets you still participate rather than being an outside observer.

Another lesson that we need to remember is that we should not ignore any threat, even if it sounds just like a crazy person talking, we should preemptively strike the ones who intend to harm us. This should be a clear message to Iran that Israel will not put its future existence on the line for the US. Israel will make its own future and will not let a weak leader dictate the future of the children of Israel.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Cyber War Turns Physical

Dear Readers,

The clandestine war continues between the West and the Terror sponsoring entities.

I think the scores are pretty much even now; no clear winner has been announced. Recently, the score was up for the terror entities; Benghazi, The Kenya Mall, the Assad Regime has attacked with Chemical weapons etc.

It seems like the West has gone on a counter attack. Recently, the Lebanese Army has moved into the Dahia, the Hezbollah controlled area of Beirut. There are only 1000 Hezbollah troops left in Syria out of the original 10,000, the organization has suffered casualties in Syria and lost credibility at home. In the War against Iran there has been two major developments; An Iranian spy was captured in Israel, exposing their attempt to create legitimate business ventures in Israel with an Iranian Belgian citizen that was just captured on his way out of Tel-Aviv.

The Second and most important blow was the assassination (Mossad Style) of the head of the Cyber unit for the revolutionary Guard in Iran. He was found shot (Two bullets to the heart, another Mossad trademark), in a forest north of Tehran. That was a big blow to the Cyber War operations of the Iranians.

Yesterday, the CIA and Seal Team 6 attacked and kidnapped two terror leaders; one was the head of the Somali Shabab leader and the other was the Libyan responsible for the Kenya attacks and just maybe connected to the Benghazi attacks. They kidnapped the latter straight off the streets of Tripoli, very cool.

I was visiting a weapons conference recently, and its true to say that all of this clandestine war has helped Iran come up on the world stage by creating it own weapons (Most are knockoffs of Chinese or North Korean Weapons but some did use technology from the downed US Drone).

However, do not worry, Israeli and US technologies are much more superior and would stay that way for many years.

One important conversation was about the new face of Iran. Bottom-line is , if you need nuclear energy for peace purposes, all the best to you. However, there are 17 countries in the world that do that but NONE of them need centrifuges to enrich Uranium. Enriching Uranium can ONLY be used for military purposes, so please do not be fooled by any word or even actions unless those begin by the full stoppage of Uranium enrichment on the Iranian side.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Calling a Spade

It seems very weird to me that even though the Fort Hood terrorist was sentenced to death, the Obama administration will not call the incident a terrorist act and would categorize it as a work place violence event. The poor families of the victims and wounded in the event now are deprived from any benefits that they surely deserve.

Now, the latest rumors say that the Navy Yard shooter and killer of 13 innocent souls, also had a site he created that was called "Mohamed Salem". Why? I thought he was a Buddhist? Maybe he was inspired by Jihad, we don't know. However, this will again be categorized as a work place violence incident and again the victim's families will suffer.

This goes to the root of the problems we are having in this country. A weakened empire, ruled by a weak emperor, surrounded by advisers that tell him that being weak is good for his legacy. History repeats it self and the empire is sinking, the same as the Roman empire did. Corruption, scandals and a weak leader are just the right mix of traits that lead to oblivion. When can we be proud as Americans again? When would we scream out in pride that American exceptionalism does exist?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

450 reasons for disbelief

An “agreement” was signed to prevent the US from attacking Syria and as part of the agreement, the Syrians will disarm their chemical weapons on their own. Given these are the Jewish high holidays, I thought I would never get to see the coming of the Messiah but I guess he is arriving because not only war was averted but the Syrians on their own will disarm…I hope you get my sarcasm.

The supervision of the chemical weapons of Syria is so out of touch with reality that it is practically unbelievable, yet it provided a chance for the Obama administration to climb down from the tree.

After the civil war started, Bashar Al Assad created a secretive unit called “Unit 450”. This Unit is only made of the Alawites, the sect that Assad belongs to and their members are closely guarded. This unit’s mission is to both guard the chemical weapons stockpiles of the Assad regime, believed to be the largest in the Middle East, and to move the stockpiles around in case someone wants to attack or steal them.

Here we go again, it almost a deja vu from the Saddam Husain days. We will chase these weapons for 12 years and in the meantime the killing will continue and only when we feel we have the right political support we will attack the country and incite them to hate the US even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for an attack on Syria but it has to be fast and decisive and encompassing so it will cripple the Assad regime. I also think they should go for Iran even more than Syria, but this charades game that is about to begin with the Chemical Weapons, is another weak joke of this incompetent administration


oday was a day like any other day in the world hypocrisy; the EU was given a Nobel peace prize. This is almost as outrageous as giving Yasser Arafat and Barak Obama the prize. what has the EU done for peace? people are rioting in the streets, the unemployment rate is over 15% and in some individual countries over 25%. Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania are on the verge of another ethnic war and the world is close to a catastrophe because of the EU appeasement strategy towards Iran. The funnies point is that the country that gives these ridiculous prizes (Norway) is not even a member of the EU.

These are the ironies of life my friends, trust no one but your selves, its a good standard to keep if you want to stay alive in my business....

Monday, September 9, 2013

Can't see the forest from the trees- hesitation and hypocrisy

Dear Readers,

After a long trip around the world, I am back to report on relevant issues and what I have learned on my trip. All of the following stories are interconnected in a sinister way so read on and i promise I will connect the dots:

First, I traveled around to far away places like Bangladesh, Malysia , the Sinai Peninsula and even Mali. I was sent to inspect the remains of Al Qaida bases in these countries after the local authorities have attacked and destroyed these bases. The main astonishing conclusions is that unlike the statements by the US administration that Al Qaida is "on the run" or diminished in any way, those statement are so far away from reality that I find them completely irresponsible!

These bases were well built, expansive in their facilities, expansive in their technologies and well supported by their local piers. The bases were destroyed but many of them still exist in about 20 other countries around the world. Al Qaida is not not the run and had morphed to become even more dangerous than it was before; more difficult to track, more difficult to control and more motivated to attack.

Now to the current situation in Syria:

As the subject of this blog suggests, it seems like the Obama administration has not learned anything about the Middle East, not did it learn anything about leadership or its past  from recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Responding late to any event shows indecisiveness, responding to to the wrong conflict is even worse!

Both recent US presidents misjudged the chess board in relations to who they need to worry about. GW Bush and Now Obama are asking the US people to respond an sacrifice US lives to the puppet rather than the puppet master. In the previous case, Iraq was the weakest member of the axis if evil and yet the US made an emotional decision and got tangled in the web if sectarian hatreds and who got stronger because if it? Iran, which needed to be the first target (let me remind you that uranium enrichment was already identified in the Nantaz facility in Iran as early as 2002). 

Here we go again, the US is making rash decisions and going to get its feet stuck in the Syrian mud again. Unless we try and change the regime and not just send a few missiles, the benefactor will be Iran!!! Striking Iran directly will have much higher benefits but this is a weak man at the top of the US administration and a weak team that is advising him.

Finally, I want to point out the hypocrisy of the left and especially of Obama him self: 

1. After World War One, the main event of use of chemical weapons was Saddam Husain who gassed the Kurds in norther Iraq, yet when we wanted to attack him, the left and especially Barak Obama, said it was not our business or that we needed to prove that he currently had these weapons. Now, with very weak evidence, the administration is pointing to the Munich timing ( when the US decided to join the war with Germany). Notably, even when millions of  Jews were gassed in camps across Europe, the US refused to bomb these death camps.

2. When it convenient, the US chooses ignore atrocities around the world; whether its the death camps in North Korea or the oppressive Saudi Kingdom.

I hope you understand how dire is our situation right now, our deficient foreign policies, our indecisiveness and our lack of leadership are making the USA a joke around the world, contributing to the rise of power of other empires such as China, Russia and Iran and most importantly, diminishing the hope we all had in US that came from the pride of being American!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Extending the Reach and the story of Mr. Rida

Last week was the graduation week of the latest course of Israeli's finest, its fighter pilot corps.

Proud Male and Female pilots were standing in the desert heat to hear the Prime Minister speak.

Both the Prime Minister and the chief of the air-force used similar words in their speech; "We have operated in long reaching territories".

Lets think of the meaning of these words. First, they are a warning to this coming Summer: Iran, even though you elected a supposed "moderate" to your leadership, we are capable and will act if we think you are still advancing in your weapons grade development of nuclear weapons. Second, in the past year, Israeli air-force groups along with special forces teams have completed several operations in territories very far from their comfort zone indeed.

If you look  back to my blog posts you will find several occasions in which I mentioned these events. Some but not all include the following:

1. Destruction of a truck convoy in the desert of Sudan.

2. Seizure and sabotage of an arms truck in Italy

3. Attack on a car outside the Khartoum Airport

4. Arrest of Hezbollah operatives in Cyprus

5. Arrest and seizure of a Russian boat in West Africa

6. Train derailment in Northern Iran

7. Electric grid sabotage near the Nantaz Nuclear facility in Iran

8. Flame Virus attack.

9. Attack on a truck convoy in Syria that killed one of the top Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals

10. Attack on missile depot in the Damascus Airport that destroyed the missiles and killed many Hezbollah operatives.

....and many more we cannot reveal in this forum.

Now we want to explore the latest interesting story of Mr.Wael Abu Rida. Mr. Rida has went out of his home in Gaza and strolled over to the Egyptian side of the border to the city of Rafah and suddenly disappeared. Recently, using freedom of information tactics, it was revealed that Mr. Rida is held in an Israeli prison. Some think he was part of the weapons smuggling operatus that is smuggling weapons from Egypt to Gaza but another proposition could be that he was actually an Israeli operative and in order to protect his cover, he was brought back to jail to cover his tracks. He was almost captured by the Egyptian authorities but was smuggled in a daring operation back to Israel for his own protection. Read the story in the papers and come up with your own conclusion

Z Out....

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bait and Switch in Iran

In the past few days, the media has presented a revolution story for us in Iran; A new moderate leader has been elected in a revolution in Iran. Rohani is so moderate that he will stop the nuclear arms development, he will give gays and women rights in Iran and we should all rejoice.

The reality is far from the truth...

The smart observer of the Iranian regime and the latest vote can see that there were over 50 million voters but only ONE vote that really matters. This vote is the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatullah Humaini. He is baiting the world to stop the sanctions but switching a conservative and combative front with a moderate one.

It does not matter!!!

1. Iran will not change much in the coming years

2. They will not stop their nuclear development program

3. Iran will continue supporting groups like Hezbollah and the Syrian regime

4. Islamic fundamentalism will always hate the West and will keep on killing US and Israeli citizens with no prejudice

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weapons to the Rebels? Really?

There has been talk about the Obama administration helping the Syrian rebels with weapons. Personally, I think its all a farce. The Gulf states have been arming the rebels with everything money could buy so what would the Obama administration give the rebels that money can't buy?

There are some sort of weapons that the US could send that are hard to get but the question is, what would these weapons do to an ally like Israel if they are turned around and aimed at Israeli troops from the Golan heights?

Well, in my opinion, if the rebels take over the Syrian army stockpiles, there is a lot of danger to the Israeli citizens from what the rebels could use including in the extreme case; Chemical Weapons.  However, in my humble opinion, I don't see the rebels taking over anything in the short terms and I do see this war continuing on for years.

So, lets review what the US could give the rebels that could be harmful to Israel:

1. Anti Tank Missiles - These missiles could be turned around and target Israeli patrols on the Syrian border. Dangerous but not uncontrollable. The Israelis could identify teams close to their border and destroy them potentially before they are able to set up positions to launch these missiles. An example of that you can see on the Israeli border with Gaza.

2. Anti Aircraft shoulder missiles  (Stingers) - These missiles proved to be very effective against the Russian helicopters in Afghanistan when they were given to people like Osama Bin Laden (yes, the US gave weapons to people like Osama to fight in Afghanistan and look what happened there)

3. Heavy weaponry like tanks - Not possible

4. Mortars - Yes but not that accurate or dangerous. Israeli Tamouz missile could hunt these mortar teams and destroy them

5. Night vision equipment - Yes, this in my mind is the most dangerous weapon the US could give the rebels.

So, the control of what weapons are sent is important, the danger is there but could be defended against but the question remains, would the US really give out these weapons and would they try to account for what happens to them? As history suggest, the answer to both of those question is probably not.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Are the Israeli Interests in Syria?

A few days ago, rebel elements in Syria took over the closest city in Syria to the Israeli border; Quneitra.

This city was supposed to be in the demilitarized zone controlled by UN forces. As we all know, the UN forces are useless in any location of conflict in the world and immediately fled to Israel with their hands up in the air. The Syrian army took back the city in a fierce fight and in a short period of time. Some of the rebel wounded were actually sent back inside Israel to be treated for gun shot wounds. It was then published that one Syrian rebel took off his cloths and a grenade fell out of his trousers.

Yesterday, Israeli mortar rounds with Hebrew writings on them were found next to the town of Quseir in the North of Syria where the Hezbollah was fighting the rebels. These might have been relics of the last war with Hezbollah in 2006 but might has also been weapons transferred to the rebels fighting in that area.

Most interesting are the sources of news that are reporting that some of the "Rebels" fighting in Syria are not really rebels but actually Israeli Arab agents working for the Israeli Mossad and working towards being long term plants in the future rebel chain of command. Now, that sounds much more like my old pals...

So, why would Israel would do that? Israel's interest is that the Assad regime stays in place as long as they promise not to send advanced weapons to the Hezbollah, period!!!

However, the Israeli government needs to hedge its risks thinking strategically to the future; If the Assad regime topples, then the Al Qaeda elements of the rebel forces would probably rule the next version of Syria. If that happens it will not be good for Israel but Israel is hedging now by infiltrating these elements early on. If one of the "War Heros" from the rebel side becomes the next senior level executive in the future "Islamic Republic of Syria" he will have the perfect cover to be an agent of the Israeli organization.

Smart people, right? Also, brave agents, wouldn't you say? You don't have to go back too much in history to remember the story of Eli Cohen, the super Israeli agent that was planted by the Israeli Mossad and reached the highest ranks of the Syrian regime just before the 6 Day war in 1967. Unfortunately he was caught and hung in Damascus later but nonetheless, was the most successful agent in Mossad history or at least the most successful known agent...:-)

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cartel Is In Trouble

When a terrorist organization runs out of money from idealistic states that sponsors them, they look for other ways to finance the operations of terror.

Hezbollah is such an organization. The Iranian backed organization is in trouble in so many ways but two main problems are the participation of the terrorist group in the wrong side of the Syrian civil war and the other is the reduced relevance of the organization to the resistance against the "Israeli Threat". With the fear of a sectarian civil war spilling over to Lebanon, the organization is losing some wind from its sails and therefore some of the flush of funding it used to get from Iran. Iran is under a lot of sanctions pressure and is not sending all the cash they used to send in the past.

So, the organization is turning into a crime cartel in order to fund its operations. I just came back from a trip to Frankfurt Germany where I observed some of the operations of the criminal arms of the organization. Most were just money laundering operations but some involved the buying and selling of stolen cars. The organization actually funnels stolen and used cars from the US and South America into Eastern Europe and mostly African countries. My sources in South American and Mexico say that Hezbollah representatives are heavily involved in the trafficking of drugs from South America into the US but mostly Canada where they have a much heavier presence.

I am encouraged that in recent reports the free people of Syria have called the Hezbollah the Party of Satan rather than the Party of God as its namesake implies. I am happy that the organization is getting politically weaker and I am happy that they have to resort to pure vile criminal acts to keep their death business going, its bad I know, but I am also happy to hear that many of their operatives are dying in fights with the rebels in Syria, but I am not happy that the Syrian regime keeps on being the corridor for them to get more and more weapons that would be used against Israel in a future conflict.

As Satan lost the battle with God many times, I hope this Satan will lose this battle...

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Doomsday Scenario

Today a revelation of a Syrian chemical weapons scientists showed us that the western intelligence agencies assessment that Syria has the largest chemical weapons stockpiles was exactly on the spot. It was not that apparent though how much of the toxic weapons Syria had and what was the extent of its lethal stockpiles.

The rouge exile chemical weapons scientist revealed that Syria has over 3000 pounds of Sarin gas that can be mounted on Scud D missiles and now given the civil war, the effort to get these gas weapons on artillery shells. The scientist even reveled that Syria has a large stockpile of VX nerve gas which is highly lethal. The Syrian scientist were told that their work in their secret facility (The facility was bombed by Israeli jets twice in the past few months; thank god for the saviors of the new age of mankind) , included over 900 scientists that were closely watched by the Syrian regime and that they were convinced they were building the equivalent of the Israeli nuclear bomb in order to protect the homeland. They did not know that the Assad regime would actually use these weapons against its own people.

Is it okay to use it against any one indeed is the question that needs to be asked but even the US is believed to have these stockpiles.

What is interesting is to think about is what will happen if in any future conflict with the Assad regime with Israel, they would use these weapons against Israeli population? It is told that the Scud D missile mounted with chemical weapons could create a 3 kilometer wide cloud of death over the area it would be sent to attack. That sounds lethal. The question is what would Israel do in retaliation to such an attack? Would it send a nuclear weapon against Syria, I highly doubt it. The western countries such as the US or Britain would ask for "restraint" in the retaliatory attack? Restraint?

Only Israel would be asked to use restraint in the face of a chemical weapon attack and that kills me to even think about it. What would happen if a US or British town would be attacked with such a weapon?

In My opinion, Damascus should be destroyed to ashes if such a weapon should be used. However, being a reasonable, god fearing man, I am always baffled by this conundrum?

What would you do?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Is a Russian - Israeli confrontation immanent?

The Russians don't understand why is everyone making a big deal out of the fact that they are providing sophisticated weapons to the brutal Assad regime. The problem for Israel is not the Assad regime, as much as they would like to look sympathetic to the plight of the poor victims of the civil war with Syria, the real danger to Israel is the transfer of these weapons to the Hezbollah. These weapons include Scud - D surface to surface missiles, SA-17 and S-300 air defense systems and Surface to Sea Yahunt missiles.

The meetings that the Israeli prime minister just had in Russia were not pleasant;  The Russians basically told him not to try and meddle in their business and in return the defiant prime minister threatened he will attack every shipment of weapons he could identify. In response, the Russians sent 4 new war crafts to the area increasing the level of possibility of a confrontation. Will that ever happen? Its hard to believe but its possible.

The Syrians don't know how to operate these advanced weapons systems and therefore they acquire the services of Russian consultants an sometimes military personal. In case Israel decides to attack one of the shipments, its possible that Russian personnel will be hurt by that action (Iranian personnel did die in the past Israeli attacks on weapons shipments; see my previous post on that).

Will the Russians retaliate directly against Israeli targets? If they do, it would be the first time a direct confrontation has happened between one of the superpowers and Israel.

Difficult to imagine but not incomprehensible.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Russian Roulette

I am sure all of you noticed the frantic meetings between world leaders and the Russians lately.  Secretary of State Kerry, Benjamin Netanyahu and more. What they are all looking to do in Russia is convince the Russians not to sell the advanced air defense system called S-300 to the Syrian regime.  Similar efforts were taken to prevent the sale to the Iranians but with no real success. The Russians see the $$$ signs in this and other conflicts and are eager to see these conflicts prolong so they can sell lots of arms and advice. In Iran, the system was supposedly not really sold but versions of it were shipped to the Iranians and then that government called the system an Iranian name.

A shipment of this kind of system to Syria will prevent or rather disrupt any further air campaign over Syria if any western country would wish to help the rebels in Syria. Bombings like the one done by Israel last week over Syrian or Lebanese airspace would be come much more difficult.

Any attempts from the US or Israel to convince the Russians not to sell the S-300 system would either fail or come at a high counteroffer of some sort of concession from the Western powers.

Now here is why you come to my blog; to hear something that was not mentioned before in any other media.

What the Russians don't know is that Israeli technology experts have manged to find a way to disable the S-300 system from afar. This is a card though that you only pull out of your sleeve in the case of an attack on Iran, not in routine bombing raids over Syria.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are the tensions going to lead to war?

If you read my last post you would agree I was right about Israel not waiting for any red lines to be crossed in order for it to act unilaterally to eliminate imminent risk.

Now lets speculate what will happen next;

Israeli forces are accumulating on the northern borders

A new bunker buster bomb was displayed to the Israeli army by the Americans to try and convince them not to attack Iran this summer (BTW, Israel already has this technology so thanks but we don't need it)

When Israeli airplanes attacked the Syrian target, they were flying in hundreds of miles away and sent their Popeye missiles to their target from that far. That showed the Iranians that Israeli planes don't even need to be close to their nuclear facilities in order to attack them.

A new nuclear submarine was just put into action after it was delivered by Germany

Israel has been very silent about Iran in the past weeks.

Weather is best around June over Iran

Food for thought

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do Red Lines Really Matter?

It seems like Red Lines do not matter these days. You set one up for North Korea and they just spit in your face. You set one up for Syria and Obama says "We need to investigate further". Israel set one up for Iran and...

Well, in that case, I think its going in the opposite direction; its my real belief that Israel will attack Iran before these Red Lines are reached.

Iran is speeding forwards in terms of its military nuclear weapons program and I don't believe according to my sources that much time is left before the attack. Mark my words! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


As parents, we try our best to raise our children to have great values and honor other people's cultures,  teach them about peace, teach them about respect and manners. Every day its a struggle but we do it because we are advanced, enlightened people.

The problem starts when we think everyone else in the world is like us at least when it comes to parenting.

They are not!!! Some twisted people are so backwards that they teach their children to hate and to despise others. We ask ourselves, who will do it?  But below you can see an example of a camp exercise in a children's camp in Pakistan. Yes, this is not in Afghanistan or in Dagastan or even Iran. This is freely practiced in a country that the US gives close to $4 Billion per year in aid too.

It all starts at home! How can we expect to have peace when parent teach their children to hate?

See this Children's camp activity by clicking the below link.....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

State Sponsored Attacks?

I am trying to connect the dots for my readers. Yesterday's Toronto train attacks originated in Iran. Although the Iranian regime is fundamentally against the Al Qaeda elements in its country, they are not necessarily rooting out the extreme elements of this group within their midst  It funny that I say that, given the Iranian regime is extreme to its bone. However, its a great way for the regimes like Iran, Syria an now even Chechnya to produce state sponsored attacks with full plausible deniability of their intent. So, even if it looks like the guys from Boston where acting on their own (Which my sources say they did not) or "elements" from places like Iran or even Iraq now will feel empowered to attack soft targets in the West, don't believe the lone wolf type of explanations from any of the media or government sources. These type of sophisticated attacks always have the stench of state sponsored terrorism.

Given that Iran will have enough enriched Uranium in a few months to create a bomb and given that we have seen an increase of attacks in the past few weeks, I expect these to escalate even further as the summer months come about.

Stay Tuned and Vigilant...

And Remember, no more Political Correctness, we pay for it with the lives of our children..

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Everyone in the US media is talking about the motive. What was the motive of these two good guys to blow up innocent people?

Are you kidding me? Are you all blind? The motive is the hatred of anything not Muslim and anything Western and enlightened such as women rights, or gay rights.

These people are running a holy religious war against Christians and Jews and if one does not get it, one is blind or ignorant.

They will continue hitting soft targets in the US as long as they can so that they can impose their religious kingdom on earth.

Stop being politically correct. The Muslim moderate guy sitting next to you at work or in school is not moderate, he has been indoctrinated to hate you and kill you one day.

If we do not identify and root out this cancer now, it will be too late. They will win because they are strong in their beliefs and we will lose because we are weak and polite.

Monday, April 15, 2013

65 Years of Enlightenment

Many events are celebrated today and many threats still stand in our way.

Here are the list of events. I hope you can all come to a smart conclusion yourselves

1. Secretary of State Kerry today announced that he will agree to direct talks with the North Koreans which threaten to launch missiles at the USA. Way to go to reward the bully sir.

2. Iran's leader says that they don't need a nuclear weapon, Yeah right, lets reward them with direct talks sir.

3. UNESCO world heritage site destroyed today in Gaza to make way to a terrorist training camp. Remember the Buddhas in Afghanistan? Here we go again, only respect Allah not our history, art or feelings.

4. Two bombs explode in Boston today killing at least 2 and wounding 127. Anyone with short memory here? It was Patriots day in Boston today but the president and other administration representatives called it an "Incident". Let see how long it will take them to find the responsible entity. Yes, it will be the crazy loner not an organization or a religion in war with us.

5. Christian churches and people are burned and persecuted every day in Muslim countries

On the other hand....

Today is the 65th independence day of Israel and this country is being villainized in the US schools and media.

1. Israel allows Arabs to participate in its parliament

2. Israel had a woman as its prime minister ages ago

3. Israeli medical inventions in the field of cancer and other medicine is leading in the world. MRI anyone?

4. Children in Israel are thought to strive to peace and love while children in the Arab countries are thought to hate and think of Jews as descendants of pigs and monkeys.

5. ALL religions are welcomed in Israel and the United Jerusalem is a sign of tolerance and religious freedom.

6. Some of the most advanced technology and inventions in the world are invented in Israel.

So, what do you think?

Enlightened, right?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Get them where it hurts the most

In the same manner that Al Capone was arrested through his tax evasion scheme, the US and international intelligence agencies are trying to get the Iranian regime through the restriction of their oil revenue flow. In the past few days both the bank that was used to circumvent the current sanctions and send billions back to Iran (First Islamic Bank of Malaysia) from the US and the middle man that built all the ghost companies to make these transfers legal (Barak Sanjani) were put on the Internationale black list. This will be a nice blow to the oil revenue operation that funds the terrorist acts of this regime as well as the machine that pushes the building of the nuclear weapons program.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Hypothetical Proposition

An earthquake just happened in Firuzabad next to the Bushier reactor in Iran. two hypothetical questions have to be asked;

1. Is it safe to build more nuclear reactors next to an earthquake prone country. what will the future repercussions of this effort be? Does the Iranian government even care. I don't think so. i think they are so motivated t build nuclear weapons as a national pride that they don't really think about earthquakes.

2. Given what the US Navy has just demonstrated with the new laser cannon, do you think they also came up with a possible seismic weapon to disrupt the Iranian nuclear weapons program? I think that this notion is definitely plausible..:-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Professors in our Schools

Muhammad Sahimi is Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and the NIOC Chair in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Southern California and an Iranian pawn.

He just published an article about supposed lies from the west about Iran. this is while Mr. Sahimi lives in luxury in the sunny side of California and not in Tehran where any of his opinions would have been crushed by his regime and his daughters would have been beaten for the way they dress every day to school.

I will not repeat his article but only say this; Does anyone really believe that Iran is not working towards a nuclear weapon? does anyone believe that women, gays and other ordinary people have real freedoms in Iran?

if you believe these simple facts then you should believe Prof. Sahimi, if not, you should accept that Iran is a dark place, with a dark regime with generally smart people that long for freedom but are ruled harshly by ignorant mullahs. Its a state that sponsors terror attacks outside its borders and where the blind and wrong interpretation of religion prevails. The dark ages are upon this area of the world and its only growing in influence. 

Muhammad Sahimi 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swarms of Spies

Today in Gaza, the Hamas regime has arrested several foreign nationals (these are usually Arab decent individuals with foreign passports) as spies working for the Israeli, French , UK and US intelligence organizations. As we all know, these people are not going to get any fair trials if they will get trials at all. Usually they are just dragged through the streets and killed in front of everyone including watching children.

The problem that the Hamas faces is that they are right. There are swarms of spies in the Gaza strip but these spies are not the ones that get caught. Some of them are at the highest level of the Hamas ranks. The secret to success is to have thousands of spies and not tell any spy about another; that way if one or even 10 get caught there are plenty of replacements.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Train Carrying Missles

My sources tell me that yesterday a seamlessly harmless train derailment near the city of Shahr e Qods in Iran was not that harmless. Forces working against the Iranian regime have caused that derailment because of sensitive cargo the train was carrying in a few of its cart. My sources also said that the train was carrying a missile load headed for one of the ports to be shipped to Syria.