Tuesday, April 23, 2013

State Sponsored Attacks?

I am trying to connect the dots for my readers. Yesterday's Toronto train attacks originated in Iran. Although the Iranian regime is fundamentally against the Al Qaeda elements in its country, they are not necessarily rooting out the extreme elements of this group within their midst  It funny that I say that, given the Iranian regime is extreme to its bone. However, its a great way for the regimes like Iran, Syria an now even Chechnya to produce state sponsored attacks with full plausible deniability of their intent. So, even if it looks like the guys from Boston where acting on their own (Which my sources say they did not) or "elements" from places like Iran or even Iraq now will feel empowered to attack soft targets in the West, don't believe the lone wolf type of explanations from any of the media or government sources. These type of sophisticated attacks always have the stench of state sponsored terrorism.

Given that Iran will have enough enriched Uranium in a few months to create a bomb and given that we have seen an increase of attacks in the past few weeks, I expect these to escalate even further as the summer months come about.

Stay Tuned and Vigilant...

And Remember, no more Political Correctness, we pay for it with the lives of our children..