Saturday, April 20, 2013


Everyone in the US media is talking about the motive. What was the motive of these two good guys to blow up innocent people?

Are you kidding me? Are you all blind? The motive is the hatred of anything not Muslim and anything Western and enlightened such as women rights, or gay rights.

These people are running a holy religious war against Christians and Jews and if one does not get it, one is blind or ignorant.

They will continue hitting soft targets in the US as long as they can so that they can impose their religious kingdom on earth.

Stop being politically correct. The Muslim moderate guy sitting next to you at work or in school is not moderate, he has been indoctrinated to hate you and kill you one day.

If we do not identify and root out this cancer now, it will be too late. They will win because they are strong in their beliefs and we will lose because we are weak and polite.

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