Monday, April 15, 2013

65 Years of Enlightenment

Many events are celebrated today and many threats still stand in our way.

Here are the list of events. I hope you can all come to a smart conclusion yourselves

1. Secretary of State Kerry today announced that he will agree to direct talks with the North Koreans which threaten to launch missiles at the USA. Way to go to reward the bully sir.

2. Iran's leader says that they don't need a nuclear weapon, Yeah right, lets reward them with direct talks sir.

3. UNESCO world heritage site destroyed today in Gaza to make way to a terrorist training camp. Remember the Buddhas in Afghanistan? Here we go again, only respect Allah not our history, art or feelings.

4. Two bombs explode in Boston today killing at least 2 and wounding 127. Anyone with short memory here? It was Patriots day in Boston today but the president and other administration representatives called it an "Incident". Let see how long it will take them to find the responsible entity. Yes, it will be the crazy loner not an organization or a religion in war with us.

5. Christian churches and people are burned and persecuted every day in Muslim countries

On the other hand....

Today is the 65th independence day of Israel and this country is being villainized in the US schools and media.

1. Israel allows Arabs to participate in its parliament

2. Israel had a woman as its prime minister ages ago

3. Israeli medical inventions in the field of cancer and other medicine is leading in the world. MRI anyone?

4. Children in Israel are thought to strive to peace and love while children in the Arab countries are thought to hate and think of Jews as descendants of pigs and monkeys.

5. ALL religions are welcomed in Israel and the United Jerusalem is a sign of tolerance and religious freedom.

6. Some of the most advanced technology and inventions in the world are invented in Israel.

So, what do you think?

Enlightened, right?