Thursday, April 25, 2013


As parents, we try our best to raise our children to have great values and honor other people's cultures,  teach them about peace, teach them about respect and manners. Every day its a struggle but we do it because we are advanced, enlightened people.

The problem starts when we think everyone else in the world is like us at least when it comes to parenting.

They are not!!! Some twisted people are so backwards that they teach their children to hate and to despise others. We ask ourselves, who will do it?  But below you can see an example of a camp exercise in a children's camp in Pakistan. Yes, this is not in Afghanistan or in Dagastan or even Iran. This is freely practiced in a country that the US gives close to $4 Billion per year in aid too.

It all starts at home! How can we expect to have peace when parent teach their children to hate?

See this Children's camp activity by clicking the below link.....

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