Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cartel Is In Trouble

When a terrorist organization runs out of money from idealistic states that sponsors them, they look for other ways to finance the operations of terror.

Hezbollah is such an organization. The Iranian backed organization is in trouble in so many ways but two main problems are the participation of the terrorist group in the wrong side of the Syrian civil war and the other is the reduced relevance of the organization to the resistance against the "Israeli Threat". With the fear of a sectarian civil war spilling over to Lebanon, the organization is losing some wind from its sails and therefore some of the flush of funding it used to get from Iran. Iran is under a lot of sanctions pressure and is not sending all the cash they used to send in the past.

So, the organization is turning into a crime cartel in order to fund its operations. I just came back from a trip to Frankfurt Germany where I observed some of the operations of the criminal arms of the organization. Most were just money laundering operations but some involved the buying and selling of stolen cars. The organization actually funnels stolen and used cars from the US and South America into Eastern Europe and mostly African countries. My sources in South American and Mexico say that Hezbollah representatives are heavily involved in the trafficking of drugs from South America into the US but mostly Canada where they have a much heavier presence.

I am encouraged that in recent reports the free people of Syria have called the Hezbollah the Party of Satan rather than the Party of God as its namesake implies. I am happy that the organization is getting politically weaker and I am happy that they have to resort to pure vile criminal acts to keep their death business going, its bad I know, but I am also happy to hear that many of their operatives are dying in fights with the rebels in Syria, but I am not happy that the Syrian regime keeps on being the corridor for them to get more and more weapons that would be used against Israel in a future conflict.

As Satan lost the battle with God many times, I hope this Satan will lose this battle...