Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Are the Israeli Interests in Syria?

A few days ago, rebel elements in Syria took over the closest city in Syria to the Israeli border; Quneitra.

This city was supposed to be in the demilitarized zone controlled by UN forces. As we all know, the UN forces are useless in any location of conflict in the world and immediately fled to Israel with their hands up in the air. The Syrian army took back the city in a fierce fight and in a short period of time. Some of the rebel wounded were actually sent back inside Israel to be treated for gun shot wounds. It was then published that one Syrian rebel took off his cloths and a grenade fell out of his trousers.

Yesterday, Israeli mortar rounds with Hebrew writings on them were found next to the town of Quseir in the North of Syria where the Hezbollah was fighting the rebels. These might have been relics of the last war with Hezbollah in 2006 but might has also been weapons transferred to the rebels fighting in that area.

Most interesting are the sources of news that are reporting that some of the "Rebels" fighting in Syria are not really rebels but actually Israeli Arab agents working for the Israeli Mossad and working towards being long term plants in the future rebel chain of command. Now, that sounds much more like my old pals...

So, why would Israel would do that? Israel's interest is that the Assad regime stays in place as long as they promise not to send advanced weapons to the Hezbollah, period!!!

However, the Israeli government needs to hedge its risks thinking strategically to the future; If the Assad regime topples, then the Al Qaeda elements of the rebel forces would probably rule the next version of Syria. If that happens it will not be good for Israel but Israel is hedging now by infiltrating these elements early on. If one of the "War Heros" from the rebel side becomes the next senior level executive in the future "Islamic Republic of Syria" he will have the perfect cover to be an agent of the Israeli organization.

Smart people, right? Also, brave agents, wouldn't you say? You don't have to go back too much in history to remember the story of Eli Cohen, the super Israeli agent that was planted by the Israeli Mossad and reached the highest ranks of the Syrian regime just before the 6 Day war in 1967. Unfortunately he was caught and hung in Damascus later but nonetheless, was the most successful agent in Mossad history or at least the most successful known agent...:-)

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