Sunday, June 30, 2013

Extending the Reach and the story of Mr. Rida

Last week was the graduation week of the latest course of Israeli's finest, its fighter pilot corps.

Proud Male and Female pilots were standing in the desert heat to hear the Prime Minister speak.

Both the Prime Minister and the chief of the air-force used similar words in their speech; "We have operated in long reaching territories".

Lets think of the meaning of these words. First, they are a warning to this coming Summer: Iran, even though you elected a supposed "moderate" to your leadership, we are capable and will act if we think you are still advancing in your weapons grade development of nuclear weapons. Second, in the past year, Israeli air-force groups along with special forces teams have completed several operations in territories very far from their comfort zone indeed.

If you look  back to my blog posts you will find several occasions in which I mentioned these events. Some but not all include the following:

1. Destruction of a truck convoy in the desert of Sudan.

2. Seizure and sabotage of an arms truck in Italy

3. Attack on a car outside the Khartoum Airport

4. Arrest of Hezbollah operatives in Cyprus

5. Arrest and seizure of a Russian boat in West Africa

6. Train derailment in Northern Iran

7. Electric grid sabotage near the Nantaz Nuclear facility in Iran

8. Flame Virus attack.

9. Attack on a truck convoy in Syria that killed one of the top Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals

10. Attack on missile depot in the Damascus Airport that destroyed the missiles and killed many Hezbollah operatives.

....and many more we cannot reveal in this forum.

Now we want to explore the latest interesting story of Mr.Wael Abu Rida. Mr. Rida has went out of his home in Gaza and strolled over to the Egyptian side of the border to the city of Rafah and suddenly disappeared. Recently, using freedom of information tactics, it was revealed that Mr. Rida is held in an Israeli prison. Some think he was part of the weapons smuggling operatus that is smuggling weapons from Egypt to Gaza but another proposition could be that he was actually an Israeli operative and in order to protect his cover, he was brought back to jail to cover his tracks. He was almost captured by the Egyptian authorities but was smuggled in a daring operation back to Israel for his own protection. Read the story in the papers and come up with your own conclusion

Z Out....