Monday, September 9, 2013

Can't see the forest from the trees- hesitation and hypocrisy

Dear Readers,

After a long trip around the world, I am back to report on relevant issues and what I have learned on my trip. All of the following stories are interconnected in a sinister way so read on and i promise I will connect the dots:

First, I traveled around to far away places like Bangladesh, Malysia , the Sinai Peninsula and even Mali. I was sent to inspect the remains of Al Qaida bases in these countries after the local authorities have attacked and destroyed these bases. The main astonishing conclusions is that unlike the statements by the US administration that Al Qaida is "on the run" or diminished in any way, those statement are so far away from reality that I find them completely irresponsible!

These bases were well built, expansive in their facilities, expansive in their technologies and well supported by their local piers. The bases were destroyed but many of them still exist in about 20 other countries around the world. Al Qaida is not not the run and had morphed to become even more dangerous than it was before; more difficult to track, more difficult to control and more motivated to attack.

Now to the current situation in Syria:

As the subject of this blog suggests, it seems like the Obama administration has not learned anything about the Middle East, not did it learn anything about leadership or its past  from recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Responding late to any event shows indecisiveness, responding to to the wrong conflict is even worse!

Both recent US presidents misjudged the chess board in relations to who they need to worry about. GW Bush and Now Obama are asking the US people to respond an sacrifice US lives to the puppet rather than the puppet master. In the previous case, Iraq was the weakest member of the axis if evil and yet the US made an emotional decision and got tangled in the web if sectarian hatreds and who got stronger because if it? Iran, which needed to be the first target (let me remind you that uranium enrichment was already identified in the Nantaz facility in Iran as early as 2002). 

Here we go again, the US is making rash decisions and going to get its feet stuck in the Syrian mud again. Unless we try and change the regime and not just send a few missiles, the benefactor will be Iran!!! Striking Iran directly will have much higher benefits but this is a weak man at the top of the US administration and a weak team that is advising him.

Finally, I want to point out the hypocrisy of the left and especially of Obama him self: 

1. After World War One, the main event of use of chemical weapons was Saddam Husain who gassed the Kurds in norther Iraq, yet when we wanted to attack him, the left and especially Barak Obama, said it was not our business or that we needed to prove that he currently had these weapons. Now, with very weak evidence, the administration is pointing to the Munich timing ( when the US decided to join the war with Germany). Notably, even when millions of  Jews were gassed in camps across Europe, the US refused to bomb these death camps.

2. When it convenient, the US chooses ignore atrocities around the world; whether its the death camps in North Korea or the oppressive Saudi Kingdom.

I hope you understand how dire is our situation right now, our deficient foreign policies, our indecisiveness and our lack of leadership are making the USA a joke around the world, contributing to the rise of power of other empires such as China, Russia and Iran and most importantly, diminishing the hope we all had in US that came from the pride of being American!!!

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