Sunday, September 15, 2013

450 reasons for disbelief

An “agreement” was signed to prevent the US from attacking Syria and as part of the agreement, the Syrians will disarm their chemical weapons on their own. Given these are the Jewish high holidays, I thought I would never get to see the coming of the Messiah but I guess he is arriving because not only war was averted but the Syrians on their own will disarm…I hope you get my sarcasm.

The supervision of the chemical weapons of Syria is so out of touch with reality that it is practically unbelievable, yet it provided a chance for the Obama administration to climb down from the tree.

After the civil war started, Bashar Al Assad created a secretive unit called “Unit 450”. This Unit is only made of the Alawites, the sect that Assad belongs to and their members are closely guarded. This unit’s mission is to both guard the chemical weapons stockpiles of the Assad regime, believed to be the largest in the Middle East, and to move the stockpiles around in case someone wants to attack or steal them.

Here we go again, it almost a deja vu from the Saddam Husain days. We will chase these weapons for 12 years and in the meantime the killing will continue and only when we feel we have the right political support we will attack the country and incite them to hate the US even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for an attack on Syria but it has to be fast and decisive and encompassing so it will cripple the Assad regime. I also think they should go for Iran even more than Syria, but this charades game that is about to begin with the Chemical Weapons, is another weak joke of this incompetent administration

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