Friday, September 20, 2013

Calling a Spade

It seems very weird to me that even though the Fort Hood terrorist was sentenced to death, the Obama administration will not call the incident a terrorist act and would categorize it as a work place violence event. The poor families of the victims and wounded in the event now are deprived from any benefits that they surely deserve.

Now, the latest rumors say that the Navy Yard shooter and killer of 13 innocent souls, also had a site he created that was called "Mohamed Salem". Why? I thought he was a Buddhist? Maybe he was inspired by Jihad, we don't know. However, this will again be categorized as a work place violence incident and again the victim's families will suffer.

This goes to the root of the problems we are having in this country. A weakened empire, ruled by a weak emperor, surrounded by advisers that tell him that being weak is good for his legacy. History repeats it self and the empire is sinking, the same as the Roman empire did. Corruption, scandals and a weak leader are just the right mix of traits that lead to oblivion. When can we be proud as Americans again? When would we scream out in pride that American exceptionalism does exist?