Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Cyber War Turns Physical

Dear Readers,

The clandestine war continues between the West and the Terror sponsoring entities.

I think the scores are pretty much even now; no clear winner has been announced. Recently, the score was up for the terror entities; Benghazi, The Kenya Mall, the Assad Regime has attacked with Chemical weapons etc.

It seems like the West has gone on a counter attack. Recently, the Lebanese Army has moved into the Dahia, the Hezbollah controlled area of Beirut. There are only 1000 Hezbollah troops left in Syria out of the original 10,000, the organization has suffered casualties in Syria and lost credibility at home. In the War against Iran there has been two major developments; An Iranian spy was captured in Israel, exposing their attempt to create legitimate business ventures in Israel with an Iranian Belgian citizen that was just captured on his way out of Tel-Aviv.

The Second and most important blow was the assassination (Mossad Style) of the head of the Cyber unit for the revolutionary Guard in Iran. He was found shot (Two bullets to the heart, another Mossad trademark), in a forest north of Tehran. That was a big blow to the Cyber War operations of the Iranians.

Yesterday, the CIA and Seal Team 6 attacked and kidnapped two terror leaders; one was the head of the Somali Shabab leader and the other was the Libyan responsible for the Kenya attacks and just maybe connected to the Benghazi attacks. They kidnapped the latter straight off the streets of Tripoli, very cool.

I was visiting a weapons conference recently, and its true to say that all of this clandestine war has helped Iran come up on the world stage by creating it own weapons (Most are knockoffs of Chinese or North Korean Weapons but some did use technology from the downed US Drone).

However, do not worry, Israeli and US technologies are much more superior and would stay that way for many years.

One important conversation was about the new face of Iran. Bottom-line is , if you need nuclear energy for peace purposes, all the best to you. However, there are 17 countries in the world that do that but NONE of them need centrifuges to enrich Uranium. Enriching Uranium can ONLY be used for military purposes, so please do not be fooled by any word or even actions unless those begin by the full stoppage of Uranium enrichment on the Iranian side.