Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 40 Year Old Lesson

Recently, I have been mostly traveling around Europe and listening to some of my ex service colleagues. What most of them want to hear when they meet me is questions around the way that the American administration is acting towards its foreign policy. I answer, what US Foreign Policy?

Over the past few months, you have not heard anything about what the US is actually doing, you have only heard about small reactionary steps to the Syrian "problem" or the overtures towards the Iranian regimes.

Given that this week marks the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur, we should all learn from our past mistakes!!! It is dangerous to appease and succumb to the Iranian games. The Iranians know that Obama is weak an therefore they will not bend or succumb to any demand that is meaningful to world peace or that takes away any substantial achievement from the effort to become a nuclear power. Another situation which its evident is that the administration is making a grave mistake is the reduction of support for the Egyptian Military. It's foolish of the administration to take this position which strengthens the Muslim Brotherhood and would lead to the reduction of any influence the US had so far in the region. The Egyptian Military leadership will just turn towards Russia or China for their funding, diminishing any US influence on any future outcome for this country. This is the opposite of what the US administration needs to do, even if it disagrees with the military leadership. Keeping chips in the poker game at least lets you still participate rather than being an outside observer.

Another lesson that we need to remember is that we should not ignore any threat, even if it sounds just like a crazy person talking, we should preemptively strike the ones who intend to harm us. This should be a clear message to Iran that Israel will not put its future existence on the line for the US. Israel will make its own future and will not let a weak leader dictate the future of the children of Israel.