Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Osmosis Stupid...

Osmosis for those of you that don't remember their biology classes is the natural movement of liquid through a cell wall. I guess that the Obama administration forgot about this process when it comes to its policy in the Middle East. The natural void that is created by the lack of US involvement in the region is creating a natural process of Osmosis by other more hostile countries such as Russia, Iran and China. 

The latest example of this process is evident in Egypt. Today, the head of the Russian intelligence services landed in Cairo. The military regime is seeking help, it's seeking a life line in the fight against Islamic extremists but there is no life line coming from the US. These strategic mistakes have come to haunt us all in the past and it seems they will haunt our future as well.

Just this week Israel has attacked another missile depot near the Northern town of Latakia in Syria. This reminds us that we cannot just count on the US to protect the needy in Syria or the moderates in Egypt or Israel from Iran. 

Osmosis is caused by differences in pressure between cells, voids create these differences and voids always get filled, the question is with what?