Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revenge is best served on a cold plate

July 18th, 2012 was just another beautiful day in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas, Bulgaria. However, this pastoral afternoon was shattered by a huge explosion of a bus standing in the parking lot of the town's airport. A sinister character wearing black and carrying a big backpack, dropped the backpack in the luggage compartment of the bus as the Israeli tourists which just landed from Tel Aviv were boarding the bus. The caous that ensued was terrifying both in sight and in sound. A long joint investigation into who was responsible for this terror attack reached a conclusion that identified two foreign passport carrying Hezbollah operatives were part of the executing arm of this attack but that the funding of the attack came from the usual suspect, Iran. 

The Israeli Mossad was not able to track these individuals as they went back into hiding in Iran. However, the institution did not forget or give up. Not that there is a direct connection but the following events happend yesterday:

A small bomb strapped to a suicide bomber exploded in the entrance to the Iranian embassy in a southern neighborhood of Beirut in Lebanon. 
Right after the suicide bomber detonates his bomb, a second bomber in a much larger car bomb, drives through the Iranian embassy gates and detonates the car next to the building, killing 23 people. Among the dead, most notably is sheik Ibrahim El Ansar. The latter is the Iranian "culture" embassador to Lebanon and suspected to be the liason that funded the attack in Burgas.

It seems that the Iranians got a little bit of taste of their own medicine...