Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deal with it!

Trying to look at the shifting winds in the US foreign policy strategy, my fellow supporters of Israel are very worried about the recent overtures by John Kerry towards the arch enemies of the country.

The Kerry negotiations are based on the premise of pressuring Israel into more agreements that supposedly do not risk its future but at least come to an agreement with the extreme regimes of the region.

In many cases, one can argue the Mr. Kerry is driven by  his own hubris to make sure he is put down in the history books as the secretary of state that got things done and moved forwards agreements that no one else before him has manged to do with the exception of Jimmy Carter.

The big question is at what cost? Most if not all of the past concessions made by Israel have never been mutually beneficial to both parties. Israel left the Gaza Strip unilaterally in 2005 and was repaid by a barrage of daily missiles. As a return for recently releasing 200 Palestinian prisoners, 2 Israeli citizens were murdered just a few days after the release by Palestinian terrorists.

There are three lessons learned:

1. No concessions are needed unless the return on them is measurable and reversible. Reciprocation has to be a first step rather than Israel talking steps for concessions.

2. Trust no one to negotiate on your behalf. Sorry Mr. Kerry but we especially don't trust you and this administration

3. Remove any leverage your allies think they have over you so you can negotiate with absolute believe that you are achieving the best results for your fellow countrymen

So, given we are close to the end of the year, we need to plan for 2014 and the years beyond. How does Israel deal with the changing winds?

1. Add new allies - Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf States are the best allies Israel could have now and in the future. Yes, from a rhetoric perspective, one cannot look like they "sold out" to the Israeli enemy but behind the scene, they are the best partners. Other overtures towards Russia and China should be made clear.  Politics makes strange bedfellows but it seems that the US Empire is close to its last days unless the US population changes the political course going forwards.

Israel needs to plan for a nuclear Iran! Its inevitable. Israel need to prepare for that eventuality by weakening or replacing the Iranian regime, by aligning it self with Iran's enemies and by providing a good reason for other regional superpowers to support it rather than Iran. The Israeli borders are at great risk going forwards with a nuclear Iran and they need to be tightened even further expecting elements of the Iranian regime to keep on testing the vulnerabilities of the border.

Finally, if you want to ask yourself why its a mistake to talk to these kind of people just click the link below and see who you are dealing with:


Not only its a brutal an barbaric execution of war prisoners but the whole village; children, women and men are all cheering, filming and participating in this barbaric behavior. How can one apply western beliefs or logic to these kind of people? How can you negotiate with good faith with any of these people?