Thursday, January 2, 2014

A busy week for the Mossad

During the last few weeks there have been a flurry of events in the clandestine world that have been very interesting to observe. This is only my assumptions and I might be wrong but there seems to be a connection between these activities and the macro geopolitical aspirations of the Israeli Intelligence agencies.

Geopolitical aspiration #1 - Control the outcomes of the civil war in Syria

Israel has to walk a very thin line in regards to the civil war in Syria. On one hand, if the Assad regime wins this war, its somewhat good for Israel but will also help the Iranian aspirations and strength in the area. If Hezbollah wins, the longer term threats to Israel remain high, if they lose, it will be beneficial to Israel but might leave a large void for Al Qaeda elements to fill in the gap and that would be very dangerous for Israel's northern border. Keeping the war alive with no clear winner seems to be the best strategy for Israel. To achieve that, it seems that the Israeli intelligence agencies are supporting a small group of insurgents that are creating havoc in the back yard of Hezbollah in Beirut. This is evident in three large explosions that assassinated the head of the Hezbollah technical arm, another explosion that killed the head of the Iranian liaison team to Hezbollah in Beirut as well as a bombing today that killed 5 and happened right next to the headquarters of the political arm of Hezbollah. The organization is feeling the pressure right in its stronghold and has lost hundreds of fighters in the civil war already. Making the Lebanese people understand that the Hezbollah has lost all credibility in terms of its motto; to protect the Lebanese lands from an Israeli attack, has not been that difficult.  At the same time Israel has fortified its northern borders, their intelligence agencies are pushing hard to infiltrate the Al Qaeda elements in Syria and to keep a close eye on their movements inside Syria and especially on the Israeli border.

Geopolitical aspiration #2 - Control the outcome of the Palestinian negotiations for Peace

Given the unprecedented pressure from the self absorbed Secretary of State Kerry to resolve the 50 year conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli's, the government of Israel has been asked to make amazing concessions just to provide good faith in the negotiations although these concessions have been returned by a high uptick in Israeli civilian murders by Palestinians in the West Bank as well as attacks from the Hamas-tan government in Gaza. The goal here is to control the extreme elements of the Palestinians while not overreacting to enrage the frustrated people of these territories. To that end, yesterday a mysterious explosion happened when the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic opened his safe that he has been using for months now and killed him on the spot. I suspect this is not an accident and that he was involved in the attempt to transfer balance eroding weapons to the Palestinians authority or to Gaza. The Czech Republic is centered around a large weapons trafficking vain that comes from Albania to the Middle East.

So, as you can see, the other world we live in, the clandestine world, has been busier than ever. When you sit at home comfortably, people of the clandestine world are hard at work and are risking their lives for in the pursuit of the victory of good over evil

Think about it...