Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bait and Switch in Iran

In the past few days, the media has presented a revolution story for us in Iran; A new moderate leader has been elected in a revolution in Iran. Rohani is so moderate that he will stop the nuclear arms development, he will give gays and women rights in Iran and we should all rejoice.

The reality is far from the truth...

The smart observer of the Iranian regime and the latest vote can see that there were over 50 million voters but only ONE vote that really matters. This vote is the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatullah Humaini. He is baiting the world to stop the sanctions but switching a conservative and combative front with a moderate one.

It does not matter!!!

1. Iran will not change much in the coming years

2. They will not stop their nuclear development program

3. Iran will continue supporting groups like Hezbollah and the Syrian regime

4. Islamic fundamentalism will always hate the West and will keep on killing US and Israeli citizens with no prejudice