Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Russian Roulette

I am sure all of you noticed the frantic meetings between world leaders and the Russians lately.  Secretary of State Kerry, Benjamin Netanyahu and more. What they are all looking to do in Russia is convince the Russians not to sell the advanced air defense system called S-300 to the Syrian regime.  Similar efforts were taken to prevent the sale to the Iranians but with no real success. The Russians see the $$$ signs in this and other conflicts and are eager to see these conflicts prolong so they can sell lots of arms and advice. In Iran, the system was supposedly not really sold but versions of it were shipped to the Iranians and then that government called the system an Iranian name.

A shipment of this kind of system to Syria will prevent or rather disrupt any further air campaign over Syria if any western country would wish to help the rebels in Syria. Bombings like the one done by Israel last week over Syrian or Lebanese airspace would be come much more difficult.

Any attempts from the US or Israel to convince the Russians not to sell the S-300 system would either fail or come at a high counteroffer of some sort of concession from the Western powers.

Now here is why you come to my blog; to hear something that was not mentioned before in any other media.

What the Russians don't know is that Israeli technology experts have manged to find a way to disable the S-300 system from afar. This is a card though that you only pull out of your sleeve in the case of an attack on Iran, not in routine bombing raids over Syria.