Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are the tensions going to lead to war?

If you read my last post you would agree I was right about Israel not waiting for any red lines to be crossed in order for it to act unilaterally to eliminate imminent risk.

Now lets speculate what will happen next;

Israeli forces are accumulating on the northern borders

A new bunker buster bomb was displayed to the Israeli army by the Americans to try and convince them not to attack Iran this summer (BTW, Israel already has this technology so thanks but we don't need it)

When Israeli airplanes attacked the Syrian target, they were flying in hundreds of miles away and sent their Popeye missiles to their target from that far. That showed the Iranians that Israeli planes don't even need to be close to their nuclear facilities in order to attack them.

A new nuclear submarine was just put into action after it was delivered by Germany

Israel has been very silent about Iran in the past weeks.

Weather is best around June over Iran

Food for thought