Friday, May 24, 2013

The Doomsday Scenario

Today a revelation of a Syrian chemical weapons scientists showed us that the western intelligence agencies assessment that Syria has the largest chemical weapons stockpiles was exactly on the spot. It was not that apparent though how much of the toxic weapons Syria had and what was the extent of its lethal stockpiles.

The rouge exile chemical weapons scientist revealed that Syria has over 3000 pounds of Sarin gas that can be mounted on Scud D missiles and now given the civil war, the effort to get these gas weapons on artillery shells. The scientist even reveled that Syria has a large stockpile of VX nerve gas which is highly lethal. The Syrian scientist were told that their work in their secret facility (The facility was bombed by Israeli jets twice in the past few months; thank god for the saviors of the new age of mankind) , included over 900 scientists that were closely watched by the Syrian regime and that they were convinced they were building the equivalent of the Israeli nuclear bomb in order to protect the homeland. They did not know that the Assad regime would actually use these weapons against its own people.

Is it okay to use it against any one indeed is the question that needs to be asked but even the US is believed to have these stockpiles.

What is interesting is to think about is what will happen if in any future conflict with the Assad regime with Israel, they would use these weapons against Israeli population? It is told that the Scud D missile mounted with chemical weapons could create a 3 kilometer wide cloud of death over the area it would be sent to attack. That sounds lethal. The question is what would Israel do in retaliation to such an attack? Would it send a nuclear weapon against Syria, I highly doubt it. The western countries such as the US or Britain would ask for "restraint" in the retaliatory attack? Restraint?

Only Israel would be asked to use restraint in the face of a chemical weapon attack and that kills me to even think about it. What would happen if a US or British town would be attacked with such a weapon?

In My opinion, Damascus should be destroyed to ashes if such a weapon should be used. However, being a reasonable, god fearing man, I am always baffled by this conundrum?

What would you do?