Monday, January 28, 2013

Moving Closer to Attack Syria

Western forces have tried as much as they can not to get involved directly in the Syrian conflict, much to the shagrin of the Syrian citizens that are butchered every day. Well, in the past few days, my sources are telling me that the day of involvement is very near.

Why, you ask? Are we finally going to help the Syrian people? No, I answer. The reason is much more sinister. My sources have observed Hezbollah forces moving into positions near the main chemical weapons facilities in Syria and have also seen Hezbollah trucks setting up camps near Syrian missile bases. Israel and the US will not allow that to happen, period!!!

Yesterday, you heard the Iranian foreign minister state that if Syria is attacked by Israel, it would be considered an act of war and an attack on Iran. First, I doubt that to be meaningful but at the same time its timely as I think the Iranians know well them selves what the Hezbollah forces are doing and are expecting a retaliation for their actions. Israel has also moved its Iron Dome batteries north yesteryday as a preparation for action I believe.

This is a very dangerous situation indeed