Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Chess Game - A Macro View of the Current Events

Like in any chess game, there are pawns. Sometimes, the pawns might even not know they are pawns and think they are kings but I will try to layout the convoluted net today so it will become clearer what are the forces at play currently in the Middle East.

First, all Jihadists need to realize they are pawns! Pawns played by the Iranians, Pawns played by the Saudis  Pawns played by the West.

Some of the most powerful forces at play today in the Middle East are not the fights between Israel and its enemies, its actually the fight between sects of Islam, the Shia and the Sunnis. Iran and its struggles to control the Middle East is fighting the other sects leaders mainly the Saudis & the Emirates.

The pawns are countries like Syria, Libya and Egypt; all seemingly powerful states but being played by the two powers mentioned above easily.

So, If the Syrian regime falls, it a big blow to the Iranian control plan, right? The Jihadists in Syria are mostly funded and supplied by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and they do not want to stop at toppling Assad, they also want these Jihadist to fight the Shia minority in Syria after Assad is toppled. Also, if they succeed in doing it, the next door country, Iraq, which is mostly controlled by a Shia majority could become the next target for unrest if Saudi Arabia gets what they want.

Interesting, right? Well, it does not stop there because Egypt is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood which although not Shia, they do hate the Saudi regime and Iran is playing that pawn against the Emirates and the Saudi's (see my post on recent terror attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood in Dubai).

Noticed the recent unrest in Egypt and the riots around the country? Is that only Saudi stirring it up though? I don't think so, I think our friends in the CIA might have some hands in this pie as well.

Oy vey, now I have given another reason for people to think its only Israel that benefits from this unrest. its actually not true either. Israel only benefits from stability of these regimes not the chaos that they have falling into right now so stop blaming Israel for everything and start thinking outside the box a little.

I hope I managed to connect some dots for you although this area is crazy complicated as you can see.

The powers at bay...