Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fatwā and the Monkey

Today the Iranian government came out with two very weird announcements.  Weird in the way that they are unbelievable and contradicting.

First, the foreign ministry announced that Iran is not allowed to develop nuclear weapons because of a Fatwa made by their supreme leader. Yes, the same people that stone women in the streets and cut off heads and limbs of prisoners of wars or just plain thieves are going to issue an edict that will save this world from war. These people believe in their scriptures that the world needs to burn flat in order for their prophet to reveal him self again; these are the people that we should now believe and rest assured will not build an atomic bomb.

Second, the Iranian government announced that they will send a couple of Monkeys to space soon.

This I guess has nothing to do with testing their missile systems and seeing if they can carry a heavy payload?

Poor Monkeys.