Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Coming War You Have Never Heard About

Growing up, my Dad would refer to a far away forgotten place as "Timbuktu". Only when I grew up I actually realized it was a real city in the North of Mali in Africa. Yes, I know its not something one should admit but its true.

I wanted to point people's attention to the next war against Al Qaeda. Most "Counter Terrorism"  talking heads on TV want to point our attention to the next Afghanistan and most point to Yemen. Although its true that Yemen is indeed a dangerous place. Yemen has a functioning government and is helping in the war against the terrorists in their midst. On the other hand, AQIM (Al Qaeda In the Maghreb) is a much more dangerous threat. Unknown to most of the world, AQIM has taken over North Mali in Africa and is controlling an area the size of Texas or the country of France. The Taliban like terror groups such as Ansar A Din are enforcing sharia law and cutting off the limbs of people that don't comply. They beat up women in the streets that do not cover themselves enough in their eyes and they have destroyed over 16 world heritage sites that they don't think represent the Muslim heritage. Sound familiar (The Taliban destroyed the famous Buddhas carved in the mountains that stood there for 600 years)?

This month the U.N has approved outside military intervention to root out these terrorists but they have built huge fortresses in caves in the desert and have vowed to crush any outside intervention. So, would that war begin this year? Who is the U.N expecting to intervene, the US, France? Who ever it will be, they should expect a tough fight.