Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Washington Turnover

Today I met with agent Gertler of the DIA in Washington DC. He asked me how I felt about the new faces coming to the State Department and the Defense department. I nodded with indifference.

Here are my 2c;

First, as an ex military man my self, I always give honors to a war hero. So what if he is a bad ass in the wrong way towards Israel. He actually has military experience where not many in this role in the past had. Can you ever imagine the same position being fulfilled in Israel with a non military guy? That would not even be thought of.

Second, in his opinion and others such as Rand Paul, Israel should not receive any assistance form the US. That's a misguided approach given that Israel is the only democratic ally in the middle east to the US and has been fighting on the front of the war on terror in many ways on the behalf of the USA (Just one example from last week was that the Israeli Mossad tipped off the US intelligence about the movement and armament of Syrian troops with their chemical weapons. This event has prompted the speech by President Obama to say there is a line that should not be cross in terms of using chemical weapons in Syria).

As much as its misguided, true believers in the strength of Israel would agree like me that we would want an independent Israel that would not be dependent on any government to save its skin; we learned that all too well during the Holocaust.

Lastly, Senator Hegel's opinion on Iran is just wrong!!! We cannot speak these people out of developing a bomb and Iran with a bomb would be a bigger catastrophe than any other possible scenario of retaliation by the Mullah regime.

I would have thought Senator Hegel would have learned that lesson from his experience with the North Vietnamese..