Friday, January 4, 2013

A Mossad Agent Left Behind

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned how the Northern Part of Mali in Africa is more dangerous than Yemen. I still hold that truth but in recent weeks, an unfortunate event happened to two of our fellow agents. Getting caught in the line of duty is part of an agent's risk and in many way you know that the country that sent you will not be able to get you back or even acknowledge that you ever existed or worked for that organization.

Reports are saying that two Mossad agents (Abraham A-Dari & Ali Abed El Muhsan Al Daari) have been arrested in the Northern part of Yemen. As we found out recently, the same American Yemenite who was recently killed by the CIA (Al Awlaki) was intimately involved in 9/11 (He was the one that actually bought the airline tickets for the terrorists but was never arrested by the FBI). Yemen is a hot bed of terrorist activities and many intelligence organizations are actively trying to spread their networks in this area. The Israeli Mossad is actually the best in the world in Humint (Human Intelligence), with all due respect to the CIA and has thousand of agents working for it around the world. In some cases, these assets get caught or revealed.

However, rest assured, where there is one or two assets cells, there are ten more covering it as plan B. Most unaware of each other.