Friday, February 1, 2013

Where will the Iranians Retaliate?

If you looked at my last post, it was published just a few days before the alleged Israeli strike inside Syria.

While many news outlets speculate exactly what happened in Syria and what facility or convoy was hit, I am moving forwards to what will happen next. As I mentioned in my last comment to my post, the Iranian puppet masters of Syria will try and attack Western symbols around the world as a retaliatory action. The Syrians will not dare to react directly against Israel and hence, they sent their Hezbollah sleeper cells to attack the US embassy in Turkey. It was one Suicide bomber and killed one of the security gourds outside the secure walls of the embassy but did not penetrate the defense circle around the embassy.

Now, my sources need to speculate where the next attempt will come from the "Kuds Brigades" the terror arm of the Iranian regime. There are two soft spots around the world that are possibilities:

1. Asia - Places like Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Thailand or even India are sweet spots for an attack and our colleagues there should keep alert.

2. Eastern Europe, France or Scandinavia - Both areas have lax security measures and a high level of Muslim populations.

Lets hope my colleagues are working night and day to prevent anything like the above from destroying lives in these beautiful countries.

Stay on High Alert