Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Natural Progression

Ever since the invention of the first weapon, humans on the receiving side of the weapon have created defenses to protect them selves. When the discovery of gunpowder in China In 1040 A.D lead to the creation of the first gun, humans built armor to defend themselves again; machine guns and then tanks and so on.

Today we have seen another example of this constant progression in the launch of the Arrow 3 missiles system out of one of the airbases in Israel. This system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles from Iran while they are still in space to allow other missile defense sytems enough time to catch other missiles that have penetrated that shield. Iran creates the missiles and Israel creates missile defense shields . What else have you got up your sleeve Iran? Israel is becoming the world leader in missile defense shields. The superior mind will find solutions in the way of adversity!

Arrow 3 System