Monday, February 18, 2013

A ridiculous negotiation tactic

Always negotiate from a position if strength my father told me. However, it does not seem that the Obama Administration ever heard that advice. In the days that the North Koreans exploded a nuclear bomb underground in defiance of the US, in the days that the Iranians increase their production of high grade Uranium, the Obama Administration has decided to take the "word" of the supreme leader Kumainie and try to make him keep his "promise" not to develop nuclear weapons. How stupid and irresponsible can they be? The world is exploding around us and we are trying to keep the Iranians to follow an empty fatwa that their murderous made almost 10 years ago. US administrator Peckering said on the 12th: "we will hold the Iranians to their fatwa as a first step toward direct negotiations".

Would you negotiate with the devil?