Friday, December 28, 2012

Training to Win

Given all the current threats from Iran and the aftermath of Syria, Western Allies need to learn the recent lessons of fighting on the ground. The next battlefield will include challenges that would only be overcome by good old infantry skills. We love our air force precision strikes but our troops in Afghanistan  Iraq and Gaza have learned that the enemy has developed ways to escape the airstrikes and stay resilient. IEDs, Anti Tank Missiles and Mortars have become their weapons of choice. My old commander once told me that you need to suffer on the training field in order to win in battle. The next battle against the enemy would include the tanks and airplanes but will mainly include the infantry in front of the force, clearing the IED, terrorist nests, mortar batteries and anti tank missile holes.

Yesterday, I was privileged to observe a joint infantry/armor maneuver in the desert and the new commanders are adjusting and preparing to take over the enemy in what ever hole he is in...

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