Sunday, December 2, 2012

The narrow and dangerous corridor

Those who like to watch aircraft landing and taking off would be amazed at the amount of old Tupolev cargo planes landing in the Damascus airport these days.

Where are they coming from and what are they doing?

They are unloading missiles and mortars and anti tank missiles for the Assad regime. That in it self is a problem but the main issue is that all of these planes are coming over the Iraqi airspace. The DIA has asked to increase its spy force to 1600 recently mostly to monitor this corridor. Why? Why isn't the US government demanding from the Iraqi government which over 4000 US souls died to create to not allow the Iranian regime to use its airspace for these weapon transfers? The mullahs are playing with the USA like bullies in a kindergarten. The future holds a regional war in it unless we are all stronger and show it not just in diplomacy but in actions!

This is how the whole region will look if nothing is done about the Iranians

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