Friday, December 14, 2012

A Missile to Save Us

 As the Syrian rebels get closer to the main missile base of El Saphira, so does the threat of an Al Qaeda based faction within these rebels controlling this base increases. This faction called the Jabath El Nusra which are terrorists that mostly came from the fighting in Iraq, are probably as dangerous as Assad and will have control of long range chemical capable missiles. Who will protect us from that threat,  the USA? They might, i think the CIA is closely monitoring the control of these bases and would make sure that if they fall to the wrong hands, the bases would be destroyed.  Seal Teams are already marking the base for long rage targets. However, look at what i saw last night from the southern parts of Turkey... Scud missiles are actually falling on the base close by. A missile to help us? where is that coming from? is it the Israeli's, the USA? No, its Assad him self shooting scud missiles on his own base to make sure no one takes control over this arsenal. How complicated is this conflict?

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