Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eating in Aman

As part of a secret (no longer) meeting, the prime minister of Israel had in Aman, I got to eat the great Middle Eastern food in the pretty capital of Jordan; Aman. Aman is only an hour drive away from Jerusalem and has got great restaurants.

Why Was Bibi here? He was part of a secret meeting between him, King Hussain, the American ambassador and the Russian ambassador. They need to decide if to bomb the chemical weapon locations in Syria.

Why is this discussion moot? Because the Russian special forces have already taken over the chemical sites physically and therefore control the chemical weapon locations. The issue is what will happen when they leave? What will happen when the militias take over?

Yesterday, the head of the Iranian terror section of their army called "Al Kuds" Brigades, said that he was planning to continue furthering the Iranian causes in Syria even after Assad is gone. This means that even after the bloodbath ends in Syria, Iran and the Hezbollah will continue their insurgency and possibly still take control over key missile sites within Syria. The Russian special forces will not be able to control these for a long time.

We therefore need a "Plan B"; Western forces will airstrike these sites if and when they get taken over by groups not friendly to the Western causes.

The fluid situation on the ground in Syria shows that these are not easy decision to make and a lot of "Behind the Curtain" diplomacy is being done. More updates to come..