Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oops I Did It Again...

I was watching the gossip show TMZ on my computer last night when my friend agent Bizaui of the MI6 called me to say what a good time him and Agent Shamtani from the KGB are having in a club in London. I decided to send Sandy my good escort friend to send me a few details of the event without my buddies noticing. They did notice and stormed out of the club without paying her, not nice guys....

When I wanted to send them some picture of what they were doing, I mistakenly pushed the wrong button and all my files on what the International Atomic Agency knew about the latest Iranian nuke development plans, were sent by error to the London Guardian newspaper. What a stupid error but now the world knows no civilian work is done at these plants, the Iranians are going for a bomb and real soon.

A sketch of a explosion test preformed by Iran recently,

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