Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Tension

Today my travels take me to a forgotten part of the world. Just a few years ago there was a war here in Georgia and many of its cities were destroyed by the Russian Army. One of the neighboring countries is Azerbaijan so I decided to patrol the border between these countries and was amazed to see the monastery below. This beautiful countryside is now a boiling point between these two seamlessly friendly countries.  I sense the tensions because of a border dispute that erupted this year around this area and I fear these two countries might boil into a war this coming summer. Some of the reasons are mainly due to the puppet masters who control these two countries; one being the Russians and the other being the Americas.  Azerbaijan is a strategically important country for a possible attack on Iran for both the USA and Israel so no one wants to disturb its peace. On the other hand, Georgia which used to be a great ally of Israel and the USA is now internally manipulated by the Russian government  So, here we go again, another part of the never ending cold war.

The Davit Gareji Monastery