Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Fragile "Victory"

I was asked by my team leaders to go on a business trip to Cyprus.

I  love the Cyprian food and people but most of all i like that from this small island you can see the big picture. what is the big picture you ask?

The above is the Moskva, the largest missile destroyer in the Russian fleet.

its been seen around the shores of Cyprus. Just close enough to the large US task force, the Iwo Jima

Wow, Russian women and American Navy girls on one island, great combination my business colleagues said. However, the bigger picture is bigger than the nice looking sailors its the fact that although the leaders of the Palestinians and Iran say this last battle was a "victory"  to their people, they know well enough that it was really the destruction of most of their weapons arsenal as well as 130 fighters vs 5 Israeli civilians and that this scene can now migrate to the north and expose the weakness of the Iranians in Syria, in Turkey etc.

The Turkish are desperate for a similar missile defense system as Israel has but they will never get it from Israel so they are looking for new Patriot systems which are not as good as Iron Dome.

Well, while is sip my Uzo and eat my Gyro, i am looking at the beginning of world war 3 possibly right here in the Mediterranean.

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