Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Night in Bangkok

I recently took my wife to a great vacation in Asia,

We traveled to many cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and even Denpasar in Bali. All along the trip i felt the tails that the local secret service put on us. Whether it was the taxi driver that called me in my name with no accent or the fortune teller that stopped my wife in the middle of the boardwalk in Singapore to tell her our fortunes and knew my name supposedly before the she even told him. I know the CIA was setting up the place for the president's visit this week but i was not sure which service it was that followed us in Bali or in Bangkok, was it the revolutionary guard? If you ask my wife, it was a great vacation, if you ask me, it was too hot for the work i do. too many meetings in tiny offices or in night markets. the results of these meetings will be shortly correlated to the current events.

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