Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Magic Test

Next week in the worm deserts of the Negev, the new David Sling system will be tested. its all called the Magic Wand as its missiles can move towards the target even after being launched, like a Magic Wand.

David used his slingshot to destroy Goliath, Israel will do it to create an impenetrable layer above its skies while the leaders of Hezbollah hide in fear in their bunkers under the next to be destroyed neighborhood of Dahiya in Beirut.

Creating 3 lawyers of defense over Israel will be the last blow to the islamo-fascists but it could only be financed by business people like me and you. so, take our your checkbook and skip one meal at the Cheesecake Factory and send it to the funding of these missile systems, it will eventually help you as well when the Chinese decide to send their missiles to Berkeley CA.

Agent Hod going on a flight today so signing out for the next 12 hours.