Monday, November 19, 2012

Cruising with my friend's yacht in the Persian Gulf

Today I went to a meeting with a business client in Dubai

The client wanted to show off his new 120 ft yacht. I was pleased to take a little ride so i asked him if we could go for a tour of the Persian gulf. In between the large cargo ships and the huge
American aircraft carriers, I noticed an Iranian cargo ship changing its flag from an Iranian flag to the Tuvalu flag.  A few weeks ago while visiting this island called Tuvalu, I noticed a lot of cargo ships from Iran parking in the small port.

What caught my attention was the Iranian armed escort to the cargo ship. That's weird I thought. I went downstairs to the men's room and took a short video of the two ships. I think it might be the latest arms and missile shipment from Iran to the Gaza Strip.

I went up to the guest deck again and finished my dark and stormy drink on board while cruising back to the Dubai port

I wonder if this cargo ship will be stopped somehow?