Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Missiles

  Iran is continuing to ship new arms and long range missiles to Sudan, someone has to go and bribe the leader of Sudan with money that was gathered here in NY to let our airplanes go over his air space. he could pretend to be upset again but he needs $15M to let us bomb those missile convoys again. I must go to lunch in NYC and gather the funds and get on Ron Lauder's private jet to fly to Hartum and make the transaction happen.

flying in a private jet makes my friends think that I am the most successful sales person they have met...only if they knew....

i then need to rush to Tel Aviv and get my new target. i hope he ends up like this....

i should be back to NY after a few days and go have a drink with my friends and talk about the great bars i just visited in London

Agent John Hod Signing Out