Sunday, March 3, 2013

Resisting the Resistance

This next post might seem confusing to you but I promise will be revealing as well.

I am traveling on a long trip to the Middle East and Europe in the next month and trying to explore the complicated game of resistance movements. What are they? Are they real resistance fighters or are they actual plants by the regime being resisted? Sounds confusing? It is.

So, many intelligence organizations use the resistance movements against regimes they fight to infiltrate the regimes secret operations or execute complex operations behind enemy lines. Take Iran for example, there are several resistance movements within Iran and outside of it. Connecting to those resistance fighter will allow one to collect intelligence and execute operations inside Iran. However, that is a dangerous game. The reason is that Iran it self is planting its spies inside these organizations to spy on their activities or weed out foreign intelligence connections. So, next time my friends at a certain resistance group meet, how can I know if they are real resistance people or plants? I cant and that's why my job is so risky.

Take another related situation. If Israel want to know where all the long range missiles are hidden in South Lebanon or the Gaza strip, why couldn't it start a resistance organization in Egypt for example and then send weapons to these terrorists with embedded beacons so that in the next war it would be as easy as using a GPS map to identify where all these weapons are hidden?  Sounds smart, right? Well, its not that easy, creating such a group on the ground, establishing the funding connections in Europe and Dubai and then sending the shipments, it's a dangerous game. What if you are found to be a spy? What if the other Western intelligence operator mistake you to being a terrorist?

Oh what a complicated life we live....