Friday, March 29, 2013

Distrupting the Flow of Weapons to Assad

One of the big failures of the US policy in the Middle East is the lack of remaining influence the US has over the new Iraqi government. The winner here is purely Iran. The flow of weapons from Iran to the Assad regime usually passes directly through the airspace of Iraq. Sometimes through Turkey as well but since that country has stopped a few airplanes carrying weapons, the flight route is over the Iraqi capital and through the Iraqi desert over the border town of Al Qai'm and landing in the Damascus international airport or to the north to Aleppo.

Today, my sources tell me that as one of these airplanes was landing, foreign special forces elements took down one of these airplanes and destroyed it in the air. The rebel forces were quick to claim this event as their own doing but the truth is the above. Now what? well, not every plane can be taken down but if the rebel forces can take over these major airfields, that will strangle the lifeline that Iran is providing to the Assad regime.